The RTFA welcomes today’s press release and Mark Harper’s ministerial statement to be found here.

The RTFA has been calling for a revenue certainty mechanism for some time, and most recently through the Jet Zero Council Commercialisation Working Group, chaired by Grant Pearson. Grant has steered the stakeholders though the process of developing and shortlisting policy options for the revenue certainty mechanism. Grant said

“There is consensus among the working group participants that this mechanism is needed. The SAF Mandate is the DfT’s flagship policy for decarbonising aviation fuel. The Mandate creates the demand, and the mechanism that Government has just announced it is bringing forward will facilitate project financing, enabling highly-sustainable jet fuel to be produced here in the UK.”

The RTFA represents SAF project developers as well as producers of renewable and low carbon transport fuels.

As well as chairing the Jet Zero Commercialisation Group, Grant Pearson is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of the RTFA.