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We are the UK’s leading trade association driving the uptake of sustainable renewable and low carbon fuels – we are the voice of the UK’s renewable liquid and gaseous fuel producers and suppliers.
These fuels are delivering valuable carbon savings today, and the companies that produce them will be the innovators and investors of the future, making fuels for those sectors of transport that cannot ultimately be electrified, such as heavy freight, aviation and marine.

We call upon Government to have greater ambition in the fight to reduce carbon emissions from transport. Time is short.

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British Bioethanol’s contribution to the country

Grant Pearson, Commercial Director of Ensus, looks back on 2020 and sets out his hopes for this year

Last year was a challenge for us all, both as individuals and businesses. One small benefit was that Transport GHG emissions and air pollution went down substantially. However, it meant demand for Ensus’s sustainable green fuel fell also (down to 25% of normal levels a couple of weeks after the first lockdown, recovering over the summer to 90% and then falling back to around 70%). We stayed on line, managed the major challenges with customers and suppliers, and did not furlough any staff. We managed to avoid having to take advantage of Government support mechanisms such as deferring rates or VAT.


Thoughts on the 6th Carbon Budget report

Getting the maximum volume of renewable content into conventional liquid fuels is entirely compatible with a transition to electrification, and the combination of action on both vehicle and fuel gives the most rapid results and lower overall costs.


Of all the sectors of the economy, transport must change the most, and by a significant margin.  Much of this will be achieved by the electrification of surface transport, but renewable fuels will have an important role to play during the transition.

We agree with the CCC’s analysis that increasing amounts of bioenergy will be required and that investment is needed in for the construction of “new biojet, biodiesel, heating bioliquids, biomethane and biohydrogen conversion facilities”.



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The RTFA was launched on 25th August 2020, with 12 founder members.  By the end of 2020 membership had doubled.  The RTFA’s members comprising all UK manufacturers of liquid biofuels and suppliers of green gas to transport. For an overview of the Association and its stance various issues, click the button below.

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