In response to the Prime Minister’s article in the Financial Times: 18 November 2020

The RTFA said the PM’s announcement is welcome, but Boris could be bolder. If his Government showed the same ambition for decarbonising fuels, as it does for electrification, there would be more immediate impact.

Here are 10 suggestions:-

    1. He could introduce E10, which would double the renewable content of petrol virtually overnight
    2. He could legislate for fit-for-purpose grease management in restaurants, enabling the biodiesel industry to intercept fats before they form fatbergs
    3. He could increase the Obligation on oil companies, so they are required to source more renewable fuels such as bioethanol, biodiesel and biomethane
    4. He could create an incentive for fleet operators to use higher blends of renewable fuel in their trucks
    5. He could bring down regulatory barriers, so that advanced fuel companies can progress their plans for turning waste into novel transport fuels
    6. He could bring in a measure that would enable prospective Sustainable Aviation Fuel manufacturers to raise finance for their projects
    7. He could reform carbon taxation so that it encourages fuel rather than power production, from household waste
    8. He could bring back the Greenhouse Gas Saving regulations, due to expire next month, so oil companies seek out fuels with the highest carbon savings
    9. He could consider a mandate for diesel passenger and freight rail, to convert to biodiesel
    10. He could bring in Extended Producer Responsibility for used tyres, and encourage their conversion to renewable fuel