Renewable Transport
Fuel Association

The RTFA is a trade body driving the uptake of better road, aviation and maritime fuels

It will take decades to transition to electrification and hydrogen across all transport sectors

Carbon emissions from transport must be reduced as a matter of urgency

These fuels are delivering valuable carbon savings today, and the companies that produce them will be the innovators and investors of the future, making fuels for those sectors of transport that cannot ultimately be electrified, such as heavy freight, aviation and marine.

We call upon Government to have greater ambition in the fight to reduce carbon emissions from transport. Time is short.

RTFA members

RTFA people – CEO and Board

Chair - Grant Pearson

Ciara O’Keeffe O’Donovan

Philip Fjeld

Dickon Posnett

CEO - Gaynor Hartnell

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Recycled carbon fuels

Renewable aviation fuel

What we’ve said

RTFA responds to DfT’s consultation on multiple incentives

The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation and the SAF Mandate will need to prevent fuels and chemical precursors to benefitting from multiple financial incentives.  The DfT consulted on how it should achieve that.  See the consultation document here.  The RFTA does not support fuels benefitting from multiple incentives, and favours the ...

DfT gives good guidance on the RTFO

Just in case anyone missed it, the DfT is delivering on a number of issues, some of which we’ve been taking them to task on for some time. A number of very helpful RTFO Account Holder Communications came out at the end of 2023.  The 8th December Communication (No 14), ...

About Us

The RTFA membership has more than quadrupled in size since its launch in Autumn 2020, and includes

  • All UK bioethanol producers (and some from overseas)
  • All domestic biodiesel producers
  • All companies supplying biomethane to transport
  • Prospective SAF producers
  • HVO suppliers
  • Drop in development fuel companies (particularly strong in those looking to make fuel out of end of life tyres)
  • Biopropane suppliers and a number of other key corporates and reciprocal organisations.

Join us

See our rules and terms and code of conduct (these documents will be ready in a couple of days’ time) and download our application form, or click the button below to contact the RTFA’s Chief Executive Gaynor Hartnell.