RTFA welcomes Philip New’s Independent Report on Developing a UK SAF Industry which was published on the 17th of April. Many of the RTFA’s members contributed to it on an individual basis, and two sessions were held when they met with him collectively. The report is an eloquent statement of the appetite for developing this important industry, held by Government, SAF project developers and airlines alike.

The UK has huge ambition and a somewhat divergent approach from the US and Europe, what with its focus on sustainable waste-based feedstocks.  Philip is absolutely right to point out that this fuel won’t be available for import to the UK, and further intervention is required if it is to be produced domestically.

DfT’s forthcoming SAF Mandate will be hugely helpful in creating demand, but a complimentary mechanism to facilitate debt-finance into the sector is essential, according to Phillip. This can be provided via bilateral private law contracts, to either deliver a stable price  (as described in the report), or a floor price as put forward by RTFA and described here.  Either way, we believe there need be no call upon public finance.

The next step will be for the DfT to decide which option to take forward, in order that the benefits of thousands of green jobs and fuel supply security can be realised.